Corporate Events


Corporate Parties and Special Events 
Everyone Can Enjoy!

It’s amazing how a SMALL THANK YOU to your employees, such as hosting a great corporate bowling party, can BOOST MORALE and IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY. 

Parkway Lanes hosts many company parties throughout the year, but our customized Holiday Parties are a real gift from Jolly Old St. Nick.
Parkway Lanes can help you take care of all the planning. 
As long as you can have FUN, a company bowling event is for you!
Parkway Lanes can also help provide you with a great theme party. Groups have used our Bowling For Beads game and turned it into Mardi Gras. Others have used Leis and had a Hawaiian Theme. 

Don't worry we'll help you plan the entire event.
Parkway Lanes can provide the perfect party for adults only, but we can also provide a great party that your employees would love to invite their families to. 

You will see PLENTY OF SMILES and it’s hard to miss the SOUNDS OF LAUGHTER above the balls rolling and pins crashing.

Contact us today to book your next event!
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